Vespa parts FS

Vespa things for sale.

*New 47mm Malossi bravo/si head with plugged decomp. 45 Shipped. **SOLD**

*Used Cast iron 43mm 10 pin Athena kit. Bought it with the chipped skirt and ran it for a year with no issues. Never seized or soft seized 65 shipped.

*Brand new 43mm DR kit with a single broken fin. 85 shipped

*Dellorto 12.12 carb with airbox. 35 shipped

*CDI cases with aftermarket top racing 10 pin crank 110 shipped

*Complete Vespa CDI unit 85 shipped

*Single-speed euro transmission 35 shipped


Cast iron 43mm 10 pin Athena kit


Re: Vespa parts FS

Malossi head and DR kit sold

Re: Vespa parts FS


Re: Vespa parts FS

Single-speed euro transmission

Re: Vespa parts FS

^^^ Sold

Re: Vespa parts FS

Athena kit Sold

Re: Vespa parts FS

Dirty30 Dillon /

If these will work on my Tomos, I will give you 100 gold for them.

Re: Vespa parts FS


Re: Vespa parts FS

Austin Gjerman /

Still have the CDI cases?

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