STOLEN - 2007 Tomos LX

Hey all.

My 2007 Tomos LX was stolen from my garage last night in Oxford, Ohio. If you're in the area, be on the lookout. Image is attached. There have been a few changes since I took the pic. Exhaust is now a black people's pipe and the carb is different.


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Forgot to add that I'm offering a $200 reward for information that leads to recovery.

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dayton.....keep my eyes peeled.....

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RZ Namllow /

It needed a battery powered gps tracker tucked away under the seat..

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Make sure you hit up the local Ohio club's Facebook's, the Zeros, Dayton, Cleveland, all of them, we've got a good network, we'll keep our eyes peeled

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Jacob,post this in General Discussion forum. More people will see it.

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Hey I know this is probably obvious but have you considered its someone who lives near you and would see you go into your garage. Most robberies are planned so take that with a grain of salt.

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File police report, get it on the hot list, check impound and tow lots. If homeless encampments near you, check them out. Post flyers in your neighborhood with your reward. Scrounge alleys, woods near you, sometimes they get ditched to be picked up later, best of luck with recovery.

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Overpriced Parts /

Damn that’s a beautiful bike !

I’ll keep my eyes peeled out my way

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I was going to say that..

Most bikes that are stolen it's the people that are really close in your neighborhood...

It's the ones that see you ride it..

I have a puck lock on my garage and cameras facing you as you walk up...

Plus I pray...

I would be heartbroken..

Re: STOLEN - 2007 Tomos LX

I would for sure knock on doors...

I would make flyers up..

And I wouldn't let up until I got it...

Usually when they take it they end up taking it to a friend's house...

And they're always under age and they have no idea what they're doing... bastard!!

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