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I just bought a Honda C 100 Cub, it came with 1 key, can I get another anywhere ?

My local locksmith doesn’t have a blank that will work. Thanks.

It’s a 1965

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there used to be a spot called hondakeys.com, I got a replacement honda cub key from them maybe 10 years ago, but it seems theyve since closed up. The site still exists and has info on where to look to get the right key code etc. but rumors for the past few years they no longer answer emails or calls.

the key will have a number code to get replacements

you can often find precut coded honda keys on ebay, or at least the correct blanks using the info the hondakeys.com info to identify the specific key

Re: C100 Key

kevin smellaflange /

ebay has them...

Re: C100 Key

Look on dratv.com lots of old small Honda bike parts.

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Beach Club Nick /

Look at the number on the key, type that number followed by (or preceded by) "Honda Key" into the search on eBay and you'll find one. I've found some really obscure Honda keys on eBay

Re: C100 Key

Thanks for all the info,I’ll check it out pronto

Re: C100 Key

I put the number in on EBay and couldn’t believe all the hits, I ordered one and it’s on the way. Thanks

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