FS: Puch angle port BK100 exhaust

Bk100 angle port puch pipe for sale.

Repainted with black header paint and red hi temp paint. Can always repaint all black. Even got a new lil mlm sticker for it.

Will attach a pic of it mounted on my magnum X with a gila. Has a second mount added that bolts onto where the stock magnum x kickstand would bolt on. This was necessary because the pipe is huge and was still moving around with 1 mount on this bike.

Asking $200 shipped. And maybe a few more bucks for shipping if you’re on the left half of the US. Located In Charlotte, NC.

PM me please, looking for a quick sale, thanks.


Re: FS: Puch angle port BK100 exhaust

Love that bike.


Re: FS: Puch angle port BK100 exhaust


$190 shipped

Re: FS: Puch angle port BK100 exhaust

Bump, $180 shipped

Cheapest BK100 for sale at them moment


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