Kawasaki ar50

For sale, rare imported 1 year only in 1982. Kawasaki AR 50. Has had some modifications done. Premix, gutted pipe, etc. Currently non-op registration, title in hand. Some extra parts will also be included like the fairing, front blinkers, original air box, the other side panel, etc.

Very similar to honda mb5

Located in Santa Barbara, Ca.

Local pickup preffered

Text 805-452-8762


Re: Kawasaki ar50

Price is $950

Re: Kawasaki ar50

^ Good deal if titled, don't know what "non-op registration is" cool bike, should sell fast.

Re: Kawasaki ar50

Non op means it’s registered but not for road operation. You can put it back on the road but you have to pay yearly registration fees.

Re: Kawasaki ar50

All the past yrs since last registered, or just from when you put it on the road? It is fascinating to me that there are so many differences state to stare, in most states today the bike in question would class as a motorcycle, 'cuz, it is, but back when, say '90 or so I had an MB-5 with a moped plate and title as in MN anything 50cc was a moped, even though it would see 50 with me on it full tuck and only weighing 160...lol, if I still had it it would be still be able to keep moped plate, even though from I think 2005 some 50cc capable of over 30 mph have to be a motorcycle, ie ruckus, vino, metro, some Vespa. To title an untitled bike in MN you have to provide pics, depending on where you go and how you "present the truth" you could maybe, just maybe still get a moped plate, but most places on seeing the pics you have to provide would stamp it a motorcycle. Not that there's anything wrong with that. My '99 50cc scooter goes 40 mph stock, and wears a moped plate, but were it made after 2005 would not be eligible, as long as I keep it registered, it will be forever a moped, even though it is not. I wish this bike was closer, would be very into it. (edited)

Re: Kawasaki ar50

Registration is yearly, so if it’s not “non op” then they accumulate.

Re: Kawasaki ar50

Interesting, here if we store a bike and don't buy tabs every year, you are supposed to pay for all unused yrs, but there is a form you can fill out swearing (on what no one knows) that the bike has been stored during that time, they don't tell you about this form, but it is there, the dmv I go to is cool and does not make fill that out. The title may fall out of the computer if not plated for 7 yrs, but if you take it in they will make you a duplicate, get you a new plate and you are good to go.

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