F/S: Peugeot 103 (Bat Grand Prix)

Batavus Grand Prix Moped

Fast. (completely new engine)… 50+ MPH Easy!!

This is a shot in the dark, but figured I would post to see if I get any hits.

Engine (Peugeot 103)

Malossi Race Cases

Malossi Crank (long Con Rod)

Malossi 70CC aluminum

Doppler Spring

Doppler ER3 Variator

Ninja G3 Exhaust

Dellorto 19mm PHBG

Other Misc. facts/parts:

New Grips

Five Star rims

New Tires

Good body plastic

Five coil stator

custom seat

Stock seat

Looking to get $1500 since the motor has so few miles and the actual bike is rare

I am open to fair offers.

Better pictures available upon request.


Re: F/S: Peugeot 103 (Bat Grand Prix)


I was hoping to at least have someone look and make some sarcastic remark, if not an offer... I remember when I got this Grand Prix were damn sought after, oh well I guess.

Re: F/S: Peugeot 103 (Bat Grand Prix)

cool bike!

Re: F/S: Peugeot 103 (Bat Grand Prix)

They are sought after . you are selling during Christmas and it’s a little steep. Just keep trying it will sell

Re: F/S: Peugeot 103 (Bat Grand Prix)

Thanks dudes.

Steep price, don’t disagree, but Wanted to see why interest is out there. Motor setup rips folks heads off when thy aren’t expecting it... haven’t even tuned it out either. Slimming out the fleet and since I have the same setup on a 103 gram, figured I would try to sell the rare bike since it hasn’t had love from me in a while.

Plastic is intact with no breaks , which is pretty rare, although I did rattle can it black when not thinking it fully through. Side plastic and such is also there, just not in the picture.

Original seat is included, but have a cafe cutout in there now.

Pretty sick, not perfect, but rare.

Happy holidays folks.

Re: F/S: Peugeot 103 (Bat Grand Prix)

Not enough padding for my family

Re: F/S: Peugeot 103 (Bat Grand Prix)

You sure that's not a mondial?

Re: F/S: Peugeot 103 (Bat Grand Prix)

Yes. 100% is a Grand Prix and not a Mondial

Re: F/S: Peugeot 103 (Bat Grand Prix)

Shows what I know.lol

Re: F/S: Peugeot 103 (Bat Grand Prix)

Ilia Edouardovich /

This has disappointment written all over it. What happened to the original seat? Bottom covers? Handlebar fairing section? Without all that it may as well be another 103. And seriously, if you’re gonna demand top dollar, then post more than 1 picture.

Re: F/S: Peugeot 103 (Bat Grand Prix)

Lila... thanks for the input, this is the type of response I was looking for to keep this at the top of the forum.

Clearly you did not read the post. Stock seat is not in the pic, but I do have it and it comes with the sale as is clearly stated in the post. Bottom/side covers are fully intact and are still original color (blue). Unfortunately, the handlebar/fairing section want with the bike when I saved it from destruction years ago... As far as top dollar, sure. As I said in a previous post, I know it’s a high asking price, so open to offers. Keep in mind the motor alone has over $1000 into it (and yes, I know when selling bikes you can’t expect to get build money put into the bike, back )

As far as disappointment all over it, you probably happen to be one of a few, who might (don’t see any pics of your Grand Prix on your profile) happen to have a fully intact Gran Prix that is flawless. For the rest of the moped world who (many, not all) haven’t probably ever even seen a Grand Prix, it’s a pretty good opportunity to have a chance to at least make an offer. Your statement about “it might as well be another 103” makes me question your sanity. You say you have a 103 and a Grand Prix in your profile, which I don’t doubt at all... but don know how you could ever consciously make that comment if you have risen both? Not even close to the same feel, look, style, etc...

As far as pictures, I’m am a few states away from the bike, but will be taking more and updating later today or tomorrow.

Anyhow, thanks for the bump and I look forward to your response so this stays at the top of the forums.



Re: F/S: Peugeot 103 (Bat Grand Prix)

Tri-ped Dave O.D.B. /

My Grand Prix only has a mild kit, but all the plastics and covers and seat fully intact and all in very nice condition. The engine stuff can be easily had. It is the body components that are rare as shit. Those are what gives the GP ped it's value, not a souped up Pug motor (only because the performance parts are so readily available for Pug) Collectors want stock or at least stock appearance. When you custom anything, be it ped, car, truck whatever, you make it your own and never get back what you put in because everyone likes different shit. it is just they way things work.

Re: F/S: Peugeot 103 (Bat Grand Prix)

Understood, I have sold and bought many a bike both stock and kitted out. I am also well aware what is and Isn’t readily available and I’m not solely basing the price on the motor. This bike, Plastic is all intact and the original seat is with the bike too. Only thing it’s missing is the dash and front fairing. Paint and some decals could easily be done to make this look original for less than $50, I just don’t have time, which is why I posted it.

I will say, it is nice to actually see two Grand Prix owners post... not many of them out there. Fun little bikes, and I do mean little.

Also, I would take less than $1500, that is the starting point for negotiation. Likely end up keeping this and selling something else when it’s all said and done. Just want to see if there is any interest.

Re: F/S: Peugeot 103 (Bat Grand Prix)

> Ilia Edouardovich Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> if you’re gonna

> demand top dollar, then post more than 1 picture.

For real though, take 15 or 20 minutes, wipe it down and take some half way decent photos. It will only help with the sale.

Re: F/S: Peugeot 103 (Bat Grand Prix)

Russell Huddy /

Painting the plastic s makes it not even worth looking at for a collector. It’s not the price that’s keeping people away it’s the condition

Re: F/S: Peugeot 103 (Bat Grand Prix)

kevin smellaflange /

why black?

Re: F/S: Peugeot 103 (Bat Grand Prix)

I love my grand prix. even though its mostly just sat there looking really pretty. I'm with kevin, why black? $1500 is a big jumping point for not having any pics of the plastics. they def make it a big part of the selling point

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