QT50 Engine/Trans

Complete qt engine with everything including the driveshaft/housing, electrical components, carb.

Sat outside for a bit so the cylinder and crank are a little crusty but everything spins freely. Trans is full of oil so everything is good in there. Original carb might be too far gone but I'll throw in a good clone pw50 carb.

$60 shipped wherever. Located Seattle area.

I'll get pics up later

Re: QT50 Engine/Trans


Re: QT50 Engine/Trans

$60 shipped for all. Piston looks v bad


Re: QT50 Engine/Trans

Jimmy Cincinnati /

It doesnt get cheaper than that! But be careful, shipping that motor to the east coast might cost you nearly all that $60.

Re: QT50 Engine/Trans

Angry Hipster /

I'll buy it if Ben doesn't come through.

Re: QT50 Engine/Trans

Sold to Ben, thanks for looking

Re: QT50 Engine/Trans

Jack Rutherford /

nice work Ben!

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