Wanted: Folding Moped

I'm looking to buy a folding moped, running or not running.

Something like a Gloria Intramotor Mini Kid, Doniselli, Bianchi folding, Aprilla made a folding model, DiBlasi, I think Benelli made a folding one. Italjet Pack 2.

I'm sure there are others that I didn't list, like a Motocompo (the prices of Motocompos are insane).


Re: Wanted: Folding Moped

like this?


i have a pair, ones missin kickstand and a fender.

Re: Wanted: Folding Moped

Neat! Where are you located? I am in NW Ohio. What brand is that? I've not seen one like that before.

Re: Wanted: Folding Moped

Benjamin The Wandering Pacer /

This site has some for sale. I actually got to see one on my trip in Trinidad. Its a roller type similar to a Solex but on the rear wheel. Got me if they are any good. http://www.motorizedfoldupbikes.com/index.htm

Re: Wanted: Folding Moped

Beach Club Nick /

I have an Italjet KitKat I might let go for the right price. It runs but needs a new rear tube. Pm me if you're interested

Re: Wanted: Folding Moped

Hey does anyone know what the rules are for bumping a thread on here? Also, Bump

Re: Wanted: Folding Moped

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