WTB Motobecane Leg Shields

Looking for a matching pair of leg shields. Help me out!


Re: WTB Motobecane Leg Shields

I have never seen them in Bronze, but they can be painted, Sundaymorningmotors.com has a set in yellow, expensive, but claim to have mounting hardware, which is even harder to find than the shields themselves. I had to have mine color matched, and they came out well. I would maybe invest in a new chain too, that one looks rough. Try DOS cycles too. (edited)


Re: WTB Motobecane Leg Shields

Blake Totally a real doctor /

Yeah we have Orange and Yellow in stock and they currently come with hardware. New old stock but they may have a scratch or two in the paint. We try to ship the best of each batch we pull from the Handy Bikes storage.

Leg Shields Here.

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Bought one of the nos orange sets w/hardware from Dos, they are really nice. Not the best pic of them but it's the only one I have on my phone at the moment. Tomos square headlight brackets work perfect as supporting mounts to the frame.

Re: WTB Motobecane Leg Shields

^ Did you make the chrome trim? Mine came with soft plastic edge guards.

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> Stephen Keller Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> ^ Did you make the chrome trim? Mine came with soft plastic edge guards.

Yep good eye, swapped out the orange plastic trim that came on it with some chrome trim from autozone. Kept the og trim to include with the bike whenever I sell it

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^ The chrome looks really good with the orange paint, i don't think that would have been good on mine, I had it in mind to paint my og trim black (my set was orange too) but never got to it, sold the trim with the bike, I miss that thing, but I never rode it anymore and it needed work I no longer have the energy or passion to do, got the side covers for your bike? would be ironic to have shields and no covers.., good looking machine. :) The Tomos mounts seem to work, but hold the shield at a slightly different angle than intended, see the pic of mine above. ( not ripping on your bike). DOS sells just the mounting hardware! :D I'm tempted to buy a set just in-case I come across another Motobecane I just have to have, the shields add so much character to the bike.

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Woah mind blown a bit, feel like a dummy. There are these two similar brackets I thought were for the horn (each for different models I thought?) b/c they seemed to kinda work up there independently of each other. There was only one of each in the bag, so guessing they intended on bracing them on only one side?


I have the original side covers, just gotta get the launch lever angle adjusted first before I put em back on since I recently switched out for the wide mouth engine variation bracket.

And sorry, Basil, for hijacking the thread to discuss mounting hardware lol!

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Yep, those are them! One per side. Don't feel bad, I had to ask Rebel how to fit the whole mess together,.....a few times! :) In remembering, one side did not fit perfect, I let it go as I did not want to elongate the hole in the shield, but all in all it was a very structurally sound set up, but you know....French. :) The mounts up by the horn REALLY messed with my mind as to how to install. (edited)

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