Fs: Moped parts lot

LSLB: Zach richards /

$45 shipped for the lot

Lot includes but is not limited to

- 15 used sets of points: cev, Bosh, most runnable lightly used ones salvaged from stators w/ bad coils

- e50 clutch bushing

- cit clips

- 5x wrist pin clips 2 look new 3 used maybe or just sitting

- 10 used cylinder studs

- 3 new cylinder studs

- rim strips

- few later links and clips

- some shims

- some other stuff I find between now and then


Re: Fs: Moped parts lot

Devin Macedo /

a LOT of good stuff for $45

Re: Fs: Moped parts lot

Dan (high idle) Conway /

Bump for a good deal! they’re not making any more of a lot of these parts.

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