WTB Magnum Tank (Portland, Or)

I know, I know. "Good luck finding one" or "it's gonna be expensive." But I'm looking for a minty magnum tank and I'm willing to pay for it. I don't care about paint/decal condition as I'm painting that thing. It's the last thing I need to get this shit minty as af so I figure I'd post on here and hopefully get lucky/piss people off with another "magnum tank" post. Just looking for no/minor dents and an inside that hasn't shit the bed.

My current tank isn't horrible, it's actually in great condition since it's from dry-ass California, but it has the fork dent and that shit isn't coming out. Willing to buy the right tank outright, or if someone wants my fuctional tank and cash and doesn't care about dents, we can work that out too.

Or maybe I can go fuck myself? Whatevs. Lemme know. Can post picture of me holding hella money while wearing sunglasses/sipping on lean if needed, or hella money on my cat, laying on my bed.

Re: WTB Magnum Tank (Portland, Or)

LSLB: Zach richards /

I have this one that’s all powder coated. Still needs the inside flushed out and sealed but from the outside it’s perfect. Would want $125 plus shipping


Re: WTB Magnum Tank (Portland, Or)

I found a primer replica one that I pulled the trigger on right before I saw your reply. If this one ends up being junk I’ll hit you up if you still have it.

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