WTB stock Honda Hobbit Red tank.

I have a very nice Red hobbit that has a very leaky fuel tank. Anyone have one that doesn't leak they'd be willing to part with? If you have one pm a photo and price shipped to 64112.


Red hobbit tank.gif

Re: WTB stock Honda Hobbit Red tank.

How much you want for your leaky tank?

Re: WTB stock Honda Hobbit Red tank.

Line it with Caswell or similar epoxy liner. Works like a dream.

Re: WTB stock Honda Hobbit Red tank.

I've heard and read nothing but horror stories about tank liners not working. Does anyone on here have a tutorial or photos of steps to do this right? I have soldered several Express tanks with a few pin holes here and there, but this tank looks like Swiss cheese where it meets the frame. Have you used the caswell kits on a Hobbit tank before?

Re: WTB stock Honda Hobbit Red tank.

The horror stories are from people using inferior products like kreem and poorly prepping the tank. Epoxy liners are unbelievably strong and chemical resistant. Ethanol and alcohol safe. I've used it on two hobbit tanks in the past with great results. You need to clean all the chunks and rust out so that the epoxy can bond to tank properly. Remove petcock. Just shake nuts n bolts and vinegar rinse with water and make sure it dries out good. After that you can mix part a and part b of epoxy and pour it into the tank cover cap and petcock tube and roll it around so that all areas of the tank have been coated. Just keep rolling it around until you have a good thick coat. Drain excess epoxy out of petcock fitting. Let dry and re install petcock.

I understand this is somewhat labor intensive and there was someone on here that said they found jailing tanks (hobbit clone) for cheap on AliExpress app. So you could try that too.

Re: WTB stock Honda Hobbit Red tank.

Hey Nick, thanks for the tips. I've currently soldered most of the holes but they keep showing up. Next step is the epoxy. I'll keep you posted..Thanks.

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