FS: Puch Newport


1978 Puch Newport. 70cc K-Star cylinder. Proma Circuit exhaust. Mikuni VM 18mm carb. New Michelin Gazelle tires.

Built by Dave Fox (see garage.1977mopeds). Runs strong - needs nothing mechanically. GPS 36.1mph today with 6’ 240# rider. Previous owner reduced jet from 180 to 130 ... so more speed available.

Asking $1250. Listed on CL at $1500.


Re: FS: Puch Newport

Clean bike! That's not exactly how jets work tho...

Longshot: I oddly need this very specific model rear rack for a build I'm working on (it's raised up to fit the oil tank that originally came on this bike) so LMK if you'd be down to sell just that... could also trade a standard rear rack + cash

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