Want to trade Brand New Puch 50cc Booster Kit for Hi torque top end

Angry Hipster /

I have one of these, never installed. Comes with piston, piston ring, wristpin, and cylinder, I have some studs too I can throw in. Would just need gaskets and circlips.


I bought this and decided that it's too much of a high revver-top speed kit for me. I have a stock crank and am heavy so I thought I would play it safe and find a high torque top end and let someone else rip this.

I want to trade for a good running, good condition, no blow by, high torque top end, with the proper hi torque piston with proper dykes ring on top would be great. Ported would be fine as long as bottom end isn't affected. I want low rpm weight puller, basically the opposite of the booster kit I'm offering.

Also, I'd like to get the high torque head included as well if possible, I'd like the head to be lapped and or tested to be sure it would seal. I'd be willing to add cash if needed to make it happen.

And if possible I want to deal with someone reputable, no fly by night noobs. Sorry but I've had some bad dealings with sketchers lately.... Maybe a legendary Ken Roff kit? IDK

Thanks (edited)

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