WTB: za50 non-oil non-1hp

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Looking for a non oil non-1hp za50 motor bottom end.

Re: WTB: za50 non-oil non-1hp

We have a handful at DMW in various conditions. email sales@detroitmopedworks.com and let me know your budget and main priorities with regards to condition and I'll send you over our best options for your use. Thanks!

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Re: WTB: za50 non-oil non-1hp


Re: WTB: za50 non-oil non-1hp

Was removed from a well running ped. The cases are a bit chewed up from when the previous owner "modified" them for a shorter intake and larger front sprocket. The could be ground evenly to look nice or just ran as is. It does it's job and causes no problem.

We removed it from a ped years ago, but I'd assume that based on the new starter clutch cable, it also has new pucks and second gear flipped.

It was only removed from the bike because the bike was sold to someone who wanted an e50. It should still run great!

$200 picked up from Detroit Moped Works OR $230 SHIPPED. (edited)

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