Puch Korado project

Looking to sell my puch korado. The body is clean but needs the tank cleaned. It has some surface rust but no flaking. The motor turns over and did have spark when the motor was still connected. I was going to rebuild the motor but never got around to it. I would recommend doing new bearings and seals. The crank seems good though. Doesn’t have the original cylinder and head but comes with a 70cc cylinder and low compression head. Comes with front fender and exhaust. Tires are original but still have great tread. The odometer reads only 94 miles. Looking for $425 obo. Located in Colebrook, CT.


Re: Puch Korado project

unopened cylinder and head


Re: Puch Korado project

Kevin Bishop /

I'll take that e50 off your hands. I have a hero kit that could use that. How much?

Re: Puch Korado project

Beach Club Nick /

Good deal, wish you were closer

Re: Puch Korado project

I've had a bunch of messages about the motor. I'm responding to a few people who have offered first. I would really like to sell the bike as whole but if I don't get any offers for the whole thing by tonight then I will separate the motor.

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