Odysee carburator needed.

I have a '78 Odyssey that I recently purchased and am putting it back in riding condition. It needs a carburetor. 16mm on the input end. Odyssey model is 32/1-R.

Does anyone out there have one to sell?

Re: Odysee carburator needed.

I believe this is the factory carburetor. The same seller has them with the airbox as well. (edited)

Re: Odysee carburator needed.

Thank you for this info. I looked at it and it is exactly what I need so I bought it.

Re:Other Odyssey parts wanted.

The tank of my Odyssey Is heavily rusted, I am temporarily substituting with a motorized bicycle gas tank until I can find the real thing. Also my seat is in poor condition with black tape patching it up. I would like to find both of these items.

Any help in locating them will be appreciated'

I am including photos of the bike when I brought it home and progress so far.

DSCN1034 (1).JPG

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