1980 MKII Puch Magnum -SF Bay Area - $1500

1980 Puch Magnum MKII with XK bodywork. It's got sport suspension, new tires, 70cc engine kit including pipe and a bigger carb (I used Treatland's engine kit called puch 70cc PHBG treat party supreme - version 2)

The engine was rebuilt top and bottom after I rode this bike from San Francisco To New York. Only been ridden occasionally since rebuild.

In good working order, great value parts, I just don't ride her enough to keep her.

Looking for good home.

CA Registered in my name, lights work, rides straight, brakes well, doesn't smoke, idles well.

Located in San Francisco


ouch magnum.jpg

Re: 1980 MKII Puch Magnum -SF Bay Area - $1500

Wait...what makes this an MKII? Just the after market suspension? It’s just an XK, MKII stock hydro suspension is way better than anything aftermarket.

Re: 1980 MKII Puch Magnum -SF Bay Area - $1500

Probably Fred /

Nope it’s an XK no matter how you slice it! But there’s nothing wrong with an XK it’s just not a MK II no matter how you slice it it, don’t see stock Hydro forks and Hydro rear shocks and stock za50 engine as well as the correct gearing for a za50!

Who cares what frame it came off of,

I don’t don’t see anything on that bike which you claim it to be but California, yup! Since everything is 2-3x the price of the rest of the world so ya you’ll find a sucker to buy it from ya,

So happy I live where I live !

Re: 1980 MKII Puch Magnum -SF Bay Area - $1500

Jake Shaughnessy /

Xk doesn’t have the Swiss cheese motor mounts that this has. But I agree it’s just a xk at this point

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