1977 Puch FS near me

Jared Donna /

Hello everyone. There is a 1977 Puch Maxi for sale in Central Illinois. I am new to vintage mopeds, but this price seems high. What would be highest you would offer.

Thank you in advance for any assistance!


Re: 1977 Puch FS near me

2 left hands 🏍 /

Looks nice and has low miles but it's just a moped. And its definitely not rare lol. I'd say 500 bucks if it was running.

Re: 1977 Puch FS near me

Beach Club Nick /

Yeah I just sold a ratty looking Maxi that had all new cables, a new crank, seals, bearings, new chains, and newer tires for $600. If it had looked like that I could have maybe gotten $800. Maybe. That bike is worth $400 in my opinion

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