She Said ‘Yes’! Wanted: Puch Project

His mom said he can have a moped. Now I gotta find him one.

Here’s the scoop. There’s a kid in my neighborhood named Gary. He’s 16 and soon to have his Driver’s License. He lives with his mom and severely autistic little brother. He is pretty much the man of the house. He does lots of odd jobs around town, including working for the local newspaper, and yard work for me and my elderly parents. He is a Hard worker and a good kid with a good attitude, even though life is hard for him & his family.

Well, he loves my mopeds and has come to the conclusion that he should have one to get to school and work on. I concur. So he’s been talking to his mom about the idea. Well, to my delight, she said Yes! So now I gotta find him one. I really think a Puch would be the ideal bike for him. He has no mechanical experience, so I will be teaching him everything and the simplicity of a Puch would benefit him greatly. I’ve got a couple Maxis, but they are my daily’s for the wife and I. I’ve also got a Motrin that would be good for him, but I think a Puch would be a better first bike. I am going to be giving this moped to him free of charge. In exchange for labor, of course. I will also be buying most of the repair & replacement parts, but teaching him how to install them.

So I am looking for a Maxi or a Free Spirit. Any rebuildable condition, really, as long as it’s not a rusty pile of garbage. Please at least have a solid frame and tank; I can clean it, but no holes please. And I’ll be needing parts, too. Tires, cables, etc. I’ll know more once I find a bike.

Oh, one more thing: Cheap! Cheap! Cheap! This is going to be a donor bike, and I won’t be getting paid for it, and I can’t afford a lot right now.

I’m located in SE Washington state, near Walla Walla, but I’m willing to drive a ways to pick up, so if you have something in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, or maybe Montana, let me know. Let’s help Gary get Mopedin soon!

Re: She Said ‘Yes’! Wanted: Puch Project

Anybody nearby?

Re: She Said ‘Yes’! Wanted: Puch Project

i found you a couple used but decent tires i took off, if you want them i'll send them to ya. maybe wait until you have a bike though so you are sure you can use 17's, either way send me a pm when you're for sure.

we got plenty of cheap mopeds in the midwest but it'd probably cost more than they are worth to get one out to ya. If you get desparate my buddy has a couple newports he'd be willing to let go for 200 each.

Re: She Said ‘Yes’! Wanted: Puch Project

Thanks Graham. I’ll for sure wait til I know what size tires we need.

I know they’re all over the Midwest, and I’m in a kinda moped wasteland. Shipping from the Midwest would probably kill me. I’ll keep searching, and something will Eventually pop on CL or marketplace. I’m thinking of giving him my Ciao if I don’t find a Maxi nearby.

Re: She Said ‘Yes’! Wanted: Puch Project

I’m gonna give him my Ciao. I sent ya a PM, Graham.

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