Looking for a moped in nyc/near New York Area.

I’m looking to get my first moped, I’m in manhattan and don’t have a lot of room for major repairs, so I’m really only looking for things that are running and won’t require a lot of immediate work that I can’t do on the street.

My budget is about ~800 at most, obviously less is better but that’s what I’m willing to put towards something like that.

Turn signals are a plus, at least some sort of paperwork (title, bill of sale, etc) and the patience to fill it out, looking for something on the class C registry in NYS. I’m not too much of a stickler for styles, but some things I’m not a fan of and I’ll let you know.

I’m conversing with a few different people right now, and I just want to keep my options open which is why I’m asking, as Craigslist is a little dry and I’d rather purchase from someone from this forum.


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