WTB: Le Moped body panels

Hey y'all, looking to see if anyone has a tool storage panel/door and a tank badge for my 1980 Le Moped. I need the right side panel and badge, help! Here's a pic of the left side with the stuff I have, and a pic of the missing panel and badge on right side in third pic. Thanks!



Re: WTB: Le Moped body panels


I'll look in my parts stash and see if I have the tank panels.

Re: WTB: Le Moped body panels

Rad thanks man!

Re: WTB: Le Moped body panels

wtb: nice motobecane moped running or not, as original as possible with as little miles as possible for reasonable prices? four69 three60 fortytwo hundred...

Re: WTB: Le Moped body panels

Start a new thread dude

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