Puch Maxi Lot in MN

recently for upwards of two days at a time, i've had two running mopeds. now i have none, and i don't have the time, resources, patience, or motivation to deal with them. have had two issues with the engines that i can't deal with where i'm at right now. I have a third silver maxi frame as well. all three mopeds have titles and are registered through February.

up for sale: please make me an offer for everything:

Silver maxi frame (other stuff in the photo isn't around anymore): needs tank cleaned.

Red maxi roller: good body, could use another tank rinse. brand new tires. front wheel needs bearings replaced. low rise bars. new bulbs in headlight.

Green maxi roller: decent body, could probably use another tank rinse. new petcock. new 2.75 tires. chopped the frame and put a tail light with dual filament bulb which works. probably more than you need to know.

Another set of thin spoke wheels

E50 with stripped transmission fluid plug

ZA50 that won't shift into 2nd gear

70cc K-star with hi-comp head

50cc hi-torque with head (might be hi-comp I can't remember

Chrome boss pipe, very low mileage

Black boss pipe, very low mileage but with some chain rubbing

15mm bing, complete with hi-flow air filter

15mm bing, complete with hi flow air filter

14mm bing, missing the thing that sits on top of the needle circlip

12 bing body and intake

Puch long seat

Seat pan, hacked for low riding

40 mph speedo

Other not-puch seat with some duct tape and life left in it

Would love to sell everything all at once, so I'll wait a couple days to see if anyone's interested, then I'll part out.

Shoot me an offer. Thanks!



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Re: Puch Maxi Lot in MN


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