WTB 3x project bikes of the same make/model

Jason Chang /

Hi - My friends and I are embarking on a project to (hopefully) build the same bike, and I was wondering if anyone can point me to where we can possibly find it. We're based in NYC but we're open to traveling a bit to find what we need. The bikes and/or style we had in mind are the late 90s/early 2000s Tomos Targa LX or the old school Puch Magnums. Basically looking for a nice top tank bike. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Re: WTB 3x project bikes of the same make/model

♣Slew Foot♣ /

I have two titles 4 batavus M48 and a bunch of parts probably 4 Motors partials 1 clutch 1 bike 98% complete other frame and boxes of parts I also have a sax Hercules P1 I have a bunch of batavus motor mounting brackets if you look into it you could twin them all three have titles PA and I got them the hard way I went through the court good thing is is I'm only 60 miles from you in fact you come down on the casino bus that I can show you around a bit and show you what I got you can go back and then make up your mind I don't have any loners but if you get hold of Neil Verchoot he might be able to ped you with loaners he might have 3 peds projects too.

a. I can't give you the whole shebang for cheap just the title transfer is 100 a piece.

Give me a price range...

I have adapter plates to puch and Tomos a bat. Tomos parts a plenty. A puch WOP heroed e50...Tomos frames no top tanks but hey if you get the tank the rest is just willpower and a top lbar or Targa adapter.

I am over the bridge from windcreek casino catch a free bus free play a meal z and call me or the other Neil we can get you over this side the buses here kinda suk compared to NYC.

LMK. No rush they been here 12 years lol ...

Re: WTB 3x project bikes of the same make/model


One new frame no vin

One used frame with vin

Two kick start engines new 45mm top ends never ran

New 2 treats cdi

New 2 intakes for vm20

2 new vm20 carbs

New front fork legs

New set of tires

2 sets of mag wheels

Alot of clutch gears bearing cables wires headlights and MSC parts new or used.

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