1979 Honda Hobbit PAII- For Sale

This customized Hobbit was built with amazing attention to detail. It's a beautiful bike and runs great (fast). I bought it from the man who did the build. It has very low miles on the motor. It's a great bike and deserves a good home. Located in Lawrence KS for pickup only. Asking $1000.


1979 Honda Hobbit


Engine: Honda PA50II

Cylinder: Honda 70cc DR

Crank: Honda Hobbit Aluminum Stuffed


Pipe: Honda Hobbit Camino Proma


Ignition: Honda Hobbit CDI


Re: 1979 Honda Hobbit PAII- For Sale

Brandon Weiss (Detective brandon to you) /

I like the Murray tank on there. Glws

Re: 1979 Honda Hobbit PAII- For Sale

Good looking bike, it needs the belt covers and fender, but still looks great, I REALLY need those shocks, any idea the brand?

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