1980 Puch Maxi $600

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I'm gonna sell my trusty Maxi, I'm looking to get $600. I've got 18 bikes and this is the most reliable moped I have so naturally I'm gonna sell it. I know it looks ratty but it's a strong runner. I've put less than 50 miles on it since I rebuilt it. Here's a list of what I've done to it:

New lightened crank/bearings/seals

New 3 shoe kstar clutch with blue springs

14mm Bing

Sidebleed esotril exhaust

New chains

New cables (every cable was replaced)

Converted rear wheel to sealed bearings and upgraded to beefy 12mm axle

Repacked/regreased front wheel bearings

Front and rear Michelin Gazelles, the front still has all the nubs on it

I have the original seat hardware to un-slam it if you so desire

It has a stock 22 high torque cylinder

I have to adjust the clutch and maybe swap at the atomizer/needle position cause it's running a little rich but I GPS'd it at 34 mph. I'll post better pictures later tonight. Bike is located in Columbus but I might be able to deliver between cbus and Cleveland. Thanks for looking! (edited)


Re: 1980 Puch Maxi $600

Beach Club Nick /


Re: 1980 Puch Maxi $600

Beach Club Nick /


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