FS: Puch dealer moped memorabilia

Planning an little vacation and drumming up funds, belugently offering up some rarities ive found and collected over the years.

1) Puch factory office calendar: This guy came from Bulgaria I believe it was two or three years ago. Purchased online. $275 shipped

2) Puch metal frame sign: this sign was made with two junk Maxi frames. The bracket that holds is is built for mounting on any cement or American code wall built 16” on center. The bracket gets mounted to the wall and the sign then sits on the bracket. Powder coated custom folk art. $300 plus shipping

3) Puch tie straps: got these from an old moped rental company. Maybe you have seen them before maybe not $45 shipped

4) Puch ohms tester: another internet find, sadly this does not work but sure looks cool and would be great on display $40 shipped

Shipped prices are for the USA payment PayPal.

Sorry if the prices are higher than you think they should be...ken... they were all unique pieces with stories. There not going up on eBay or anything and will just go back into box’s or stay on walls if they don’t sell and I’ll continue enjoying them


Re: FS: Puch dealer moped memorabilia

The ohms tester


Re: FS: Puch dealer moped memorabilia

Here’s more pics of the calendar. It operates with turn knobs on the right and left side. These all function and work as they should and you can turn the knob forward to change the day name, number and month.


Re: FS: Puch dealer moped memorabilia

Last group of pics, let me know if you have any questions. Tell all your Puch collector friend that aren’t on the internet’s about these for me. Thanks for looking!!!


Re: FS: Puch dealer moped memorabilia

cool stuff

Re: FS: Puch dealer moped memorabilia

Got any posters or other dealer stuff?

Re: FS: Puch dealer moped memorabilia

Yeaa I’ll do another post tonight at 1:12

Re: FS: Puch dealer moped memorabilia

Puch tie downs sold

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