NOS 1978 Honda hobbit

Justin Leigh /

1978 Honda hobbit

This is a NOS bike never started never had gas In it. Bike has 2 miles on it from pushing it around the garage over the years. Super nice bike. 2200 obo


Re: NOS 1978 Honda hobbit


Re: NOS 1978 Honda hobbit

It's fair to say a bunch of us miiiiiiiight have gone in on this at $800 too, but most likely because we already had the inventory to do a graceful rebuild and upgrade in order to make it a beautiful super stock keeper...... probably not in an effort to triple our investment among other enthusiasts.

If you would like to validate even the most generous of valuations, you can run a proof of concept trial via ebay easily enough. List it for $2200 as a buy-it-now but also accept offers and see where most of your best-offers come in over a month or two; that's probably your Joe Public sweetspot for pricing. (edited)

Re: NOS 1978 Honda hobbit

Beach Club Nick /

Yeah you will not get close to that on here. Take it to auction and you might get $1500, but that's before auction house fees and whatnot. Definitely not a bike you can flip real quick, especially when we all know what you paid for it and that you've done absolutely nothing to increase it's value.

Re: NOS 1978 Honda hobbit

Nick, In all fairness, he did clean it. That’s gotta be worth at least $50.

Re: NOS 1978 Honda hobbit

Dan (high idle) Conway /

Oooof... PA50 1.... Tough sell indeed, although it’s probably the nicest cond Honda Hobbit on the planet.

Re: NOS 1978 Honda hobbit

Yea. This isn't the site to sell mint , collector bikes. You'll never get your perceived value for it. Safer to sell to a museum or something like that.

Re: NOS 1978 Honda hobbit

Gerrit Scholten /

Where in the Sam Hell do people come up with these numbers? A bone stock mint 1970 Super Bee is worth 10xMSRP so....ipso facto 1978 Hobbit $2200...

Re: NOS 1978 Honda hobbit

Beautiful bike but I have to say I have the exact same one with 900 miles on it and it was obviously very well cared for and almost as nice condition wise. I got lucky and was in the right place at the right time. I paid about 1/10 the asking price of that bike. The market will have its' say on this one. Just look at Jackerz race hobbit still for sale two years later... (edited)

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