Front racks (Cady? Garelli?)


I dunno for sure sure what these fit but I have a couple front racks. I thinnnnk one is for rigid Cady on the front fender and the other is for Garelli on top of the headlight.

Re: Front racks (Cady? Garelli?)

Whatta ya want for em? Those things are sick!

Re: Front racks (Cady? Garelli?)

I'll take the Cady one.

Re: Front racks (Cady? Garelli?)

Chris owns the Cady rack now

Will- I pm'd ya.


i need a variated ciao belt-side/cover in typical dark gloss grey, i need a ciao centerstand setup, i need a nice shiny vespa rear 16 spokes rim

Re: Front racks (Cady? Garelli?)

How much for the garelli one?? My Supersport definitely needs more luggage space!

Re: Front racks (Cady? Garelli?)

garelli rack is sold as well.

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