T-shirts and stuff

Full Tuck Boogie

I draw silly moto related designs and sell them through TeePublic because I’m too lazy to make shirts and stuff myself. My profit from them sucks, but it’s fun.

I figured I’d just start post here so I can share designs in one thread whenever I come up with something new rather than sneaking spam into other threads.

Just knocked out this one based on MopedLars’ old iron on.



Re: T-shirts and stuff

Josiah Radebaugh /

I buy stuff from tee republic all the time! Dang. I'll have to grab one of these and the original when they make em.

Re: T-shirts and stuff

RATS belong on scooters...…………..we are the good guys on mopeds.

Re: T-shirts and stuff

Sweet something for the Christmas list!

Re: T-shirts and stuff

Great dude! He changed an existing design to add our club name. I'll be buying more soon!

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