PUCH MAGNUM 1979 for Sale

This Moped has all the goods ...

64cc Polini kit with new piston

Simonini black on black carbon fiber performance pipe ($175 from treatland)

E50 engine rebuilt with new super stuffy racer crankshaft, seals and bearings

3 shoe adjustable race clutch with tapped holes for your puller

Rebuilt 15mm bing carburetor

New petcock in the 2-gallon gas tank - 16mm thread

New chrome gas cap

New wiring with waterproof and heat-sealed connects

EBR black hydraulic forks - 26mm head tube ( $260.00 from treatland)

Zundapp BLACK low rise handlebars

New 415HD drive chain - 128 links - all the colours of the RAINBOW!!!!!!!!

Gold 1/8" bicycle chain - 112 links (not installed just a bonus)

Rear dual spring rate progressive adjustable shocks with EGOBOOST™ technology ($140.00 from treatland)

MLM fork brace for EBR HYDRAULIC - with fender tab

Front and rear magnum original chrome fenders ( not pictured )

Snowflake front and rear wheels have been outfitted with sealed wheel bearing conversion kits

Red and chrome kill button (not installed)

ATOMIC license plate mounting bracket

Domino lever assemblies Motion Pro Throttle

New Cables

Gazelle tires

I have a new front fork lock with key ready for installation

The frame was powder coated last year!!!

Starts and runs first kick when warm

two or three when cold

Needs some tuning to get it running tip-top. Was running top speed of 45 mph before I ripped it down. Just have too many projects and this bike should go to someone that is going to ride it more than me.

Asking $1200

Reasonable offers will be considered.

Delivery is available

Troll away below if it will make you feel better about yourself.

More photos at ... seattle.craigslist.org/see/mcy/d/seattle-moped-puch-magnum/6986925763.html

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Re: PUCH MAGNUM 1979 for Sale

Aidan Unhold /

Are you still looking at selling this?

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