F/S: (Feeler) Peugeot 103 Ripper (Metro Detroit)

trying to get a feel on what I might be able to get for a few of my bikes...

1978 Peugeot 103 LVS - U3. Malossi Race case with long con-rod crank and fairly new bearings (500 miles or less). 70 CC Malossi Aluminum cylinder, 70 CC head w/o decomp, stock 5 coil ignition, Doppler E3 variator, Doppler spring with customer acorn nuts in various lengths, 21 mm phbg. Euro 5 star mags with black powder, Michelin city pro's with less than 10 miles. G3 Ninja pipe (or doppler if $ is right) with long seat and frame brace. Tank is clean and everything works amazing. Rips right up to 60, clocked just a hair over 65 on a few occasions (I did re-gear though) and it got to those speeds quickly. KTM 50 low bars, stock controls and switches.

Exact same motor set-up on a Batavus Grand Prix as well with a smaller carb and 50cc head. (19 mm phbg). New rubber, all plastic is good but painted matt black.

Open to offers to see if it's worth selling. Pics to follow.


Re: F/S: (Feeler) Peugeot 103 Ripper (Metro Detroit)

Alexandro Ramirez-Nagy /

I feel like you could get a sizable chunk for the Batavus just because it's a rare-ish little dutchie and It's one of their models that is a little dolphin that can move. I'm not a huge peugeot person so I can't say on the other one. I would personally pay 600-ish for that Batavus but I'm cheap and have no income other than moped selling and little jobs here and there. So yeah. I think upwards of 600 for the sprinting dutchie.

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