End my misery

I've been racing, riding, and building these stupid 2 smokers since before the time that second stroke was in diapers. Hell, my daddy's pa was tweaking his fancy exspandobustion exhaustion tubulars since before them boys over at NASA even new what Sonic raisins in was... I've seent Gray pictures when he was still tinkerin in the early days that looked like his sonabitchin header snake ate a damn grapefruit. One of them Baker boys from out yonder sticks was running his jibs and you know what my great daddy pa done did just to spite that hairy brained ninnytwat? I'll tell you word is born he went out to the shed for 4 days and 4 nights and made himself a goddamned mountain dew missile that he called "Jack Daniels the ripper" and he didn't do this to pay no homage to our Messiah and savior, Mr Daniels, who is the blessed patron saint of fertility, the jubilee of speed, and the reason we got to accept them ethnic types and queers because I love a brown man named Jack Daniels and I ain't no queer. Merica, right? And that divine Trinity of my daddy, his daddy, and Jack D taught me everything I done knowed and the only thing I know right now is that this root beer dream boat got Satan in her veins and is about as sweet as Hemlock. Everything pictured is up for grabs except the actual root beer dream herself (it occurred to me while I was explaining to my girlfriend that I know it's ridiculous and insane, and often puts our lives unnecessarily directly in the path of peril, but the motor will instantly seize and explode otherwise, unless we constantly hit the accelerator even though we're desperately trying to StOp. Trying to get someone with even the most basic understanding of cause and effect to grasp that is always a great reminder of how miserable and cruelly ironic life can be. My girlfriend, seeing the Achilles heel of old 2 strokes for the compound fractured tibula it really is, logically proposed that I go ride by myself. Touche, I said, as I could see the dots connecting in her head: "and the other kind of quieter more efficient motors that I don't have to spill oil all over myself when filling it's friggin gas tank... like I knew then and there that those weed whacker bikes were for the birds...those other motors don't try throwing you into crossing traffic at every intersection?" I mean I wanted to argue that she was missing the thrilling and magical point, but then I thought back through the years of trying to start my cr80, then the ke100, then the kx125 or the blaster or the kx250 or the Honda 250r...of fouling plugs coming down the mountain...then I thought of this friggin tomos and decreed, "you know when you're right you're right and never again will anyone of this bloodline or the progeny of it's relatives know this misery!" Which brings me to the point of all this:

There's a lot of shit here that I literally put less than 3 just abysmally jetted miles on, and some that I quite literally put zero miles on. The installed motor is some Yugoslavian piece of junk with a70cc airsal piston and head, upgraded con rod needle bearings, mikuni vm20carb, techno estoril pipe, k&n 43mm filter, malossi 4 petal reeds, some shitty intake manifold I fabbed myself, Puch e50 ignition, and a long time of confusing let downs because I can't get it to run for shit even though I essentially followed the established blueprint for a reliable and quick 'ped. There's also a brand new Fuego pipe, a malossi intake, an a3(5) intake, an a55 intake, heads for both those bikes, two complete sha14 carbs, the stock stator and magneto for one of the two and the complete, but disassembled, original motor from 1974. I live in Northeast PA and in an ideal world, someone will respond to this idiotic post saying, "I'll trade you for my 140cc piranha motor" or some similar 4 stroke derivative. The installed motor is demonic and intermittent and I just don't have the patience or well, yea that's it to frigger with it anymore. Granted, there was one afternoon for a few hundred yards where it ran like I didn't fill the tank with diesel and it's going to rip. A decent tune should yield 12hp all day, but if I keep looking at it, I will light it on fire long before that tune comes. Make me an offer. There's a lot of good parts there that I'm scared to do the math on how much I invested for, that I find loathsome and just want gone.

P.s. if you look closely, you'll also see that I made some snazzy motor mounts so pretty much any intake/carb combo will fit and I also made a slick cdi mount out of an insulating plastic so there's a fat blue spark with even the softest kick that's arrested by both the Killswitch and key. The taillight works and there's power to what would be the headlight and turn signals. What I'm saying is that it's wired correctly and to factory spec. Text me at Five7oh five 1oh 4ohsixtyfive



Re: End my misery

Dat intake doe

Re: End my misery

Josiah Radebaugh /

What a read. Sure would be cool to snag this, but I'm not in Pennsylvania. There will be more tomos to come.

Re: End my misery

i dont need anything but that was fun to read

Re: End my misery

Mario Cordova /

I'd be interested in carb if you decide to part, will need to be shipped to CA

Re: End my misery

Samm Yeakel /

With any one, or all four, intakes? How about the reeds and Reed block or the filter? Let me know what parts you have in mind for what price? Thanks man

Re: End my misery

That intake is siiick. Let me know if willing separate and to ship to central Croatia.

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