FS: Puch PP to Reed intake

Special allen bolts incl. for Dio reeds and MLM intake $40. bucks shipped to your door...


Re: FS: Puch PP to Reed intake

How did you like the performance gains?

Re: FS: Puch PP to Reed intake

I used it on a Metrakit 65 to help keep my left leg dry and more bottom end and it made even more power by shortening the piston sleeve on the intake side... It ripped out of the box but piston ports just don't compare to reeds...

Re: FS: Puch PP to Reed intake

Brandon Weiss (Detective brandon to you) /

of course, you have to window the piston to see any gains? otherwise its just a piston port with a reed block

Re: FS: Puch PP to Reed intake

To see any major gains ... The MK65 kit has good power stock but has a bit less power and fuel spitting at bottom of RPM range.; The reeds gives power at that low range and minimizes any blow back...I never put a window in the piston but arched the intake side...Similar to pic....


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