Mo1 / m02

Edward Frenchiee /

Looking to by an mo1 or mo2 engine asap

Re: Mo1 / m02

Tough to find an MO2 in great shape. Install an M1 rather than the MO1.

Re: Mo1 / m02

Angelo Massimino /

Tough but not impossible!

I've for sale this M02 Gyromat in good working order.

If interested, drop me an email and we'll talk about it.

PS: I've for sale an engine Franco Morini "manual shift" also.

franco morini mo2 engine.JPG

Re: Mo1 / m02

Tri-ped Dave O.D.B. /

Which manual? M03? M04?

Re: Mo1 / m02

Angelo Massimino /

It's a FM-M0.4/B 3.

This is its original stamp.

FM-M0.4B 3.jpg

Re: Mo1 / m02

Edward.. Im working on an m01 motor and im in New York too. It runs but needs the exhaust welded and then upjet done to match the exhaust for it to run better. I might consider selling the bike at some point. Im more interested in what upgrades your planning maybe we can swap parts. I actually have 2 mopeds and eventually want to downgrade to having just 1 good running moped.

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