Tomos Targa w/ 99 A35

Eric Butterfield /

ok, I'm hooked...... looking at an early 90's Tomos Targa that has a stock 1999 A35 engine installed. Not great shape, but it runs. Carb needs cleaned/adjusted, other minor issues. Guy is asking $300 and seems pretty firm on price. Thoughts?

Re: Tomos Targa w/ 99 A35

2 left hands 🏍 /

I saw that one. Decent price. I would pay it if the gas tank was clean inside

Re: Tomos Targa w/ 99 A35

♣Slew Foot♣ /

Yeah actually dude it's a no-brainer if you know how to fix the engine it's worth every bit of parts my Targa Top tank is being held by an insurance company who refuses to return it because I rejected their offer of eight hundred bucks of course my engine was just redone for the season but seriously for just the frame and the wheels and controls its worth 300

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