60’s cub 50 need parts

I have a late 60’sHonda cub 50 , I need an intake and carb for I found very few parts on eBay ,, any other sites for parts ? Thank you !!!


Re: 60’s cub 50 need parts

Hey Jamie! Hope you are doing well. You might already know this but by the looks of the front fender, what you have a is a Honda Trail 55. Obviously based on the Honda Cub and shares almost all the same parts. The long seat on that bike throws me off and makes me wonder if the front forks or maybe the seat could have been swapped. Unless you are worried about this being original I would make an intake and put a vertical slide carb on that bike. The original carb is a horizontal slide carb and is hard to find. I found this on ebay but never have used one so no idea if it works well or not Ebay Cub Carb from Thailand

Re: 60’s cub 50 need parts

I have some carbs. Sent you a PM. Buying and intake for the OHV engines is a little difficult because of the stud spacing. The double seat is factory on C100s in the US.

Re: 60’s cub 50 need parts

Michael Domanski /

There was an original carb on eBay a week ago for 55

Re: 60’s cub 50 need parts

Thanks so much guys !!

Re: 60’s cub 50 need parts

I am currently trying to get one running as well. I bought a C100 flywheel puller. i hope it fits! good to know C50 stuff works.

the main thing i am having issues with is finding the exhaust. mine is rotted out. ... and i really dont want to put a boring old C50 exhaust on there... since i have a little collection of trails. (2 CT90's and a CT70) id like them to look cute together you know!???

let me know if you know of an exhaust that works and looks similar, and i can reuse the chrome exhaust shields..... can you craft a ct70 exhaust to fit?

Re: 60’s cub 50 need parts

George Biskey /

I didn’t read that you’re going for a full restoration, and if you aren’t too picky, these Malossi intakes work just fine. I’m running one with a 19mm PHBG on a ‘65 C100. Had to do a little filing on the sides and shave a little casting, but worth the money.


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