FS: General 5 Star (minarelli V1)

derek cuellar /

Moped for sale- $700 and pick up in NYC.

I bought this moped 4 months ago and it ran for 2 days and broke down. Replaced exhaust pipe (after market MLM), changed spark plug, gaskets, brakes, lights, front forks, transmission oil and piston rings. Just needs to be rewired and points aligned to run.

Im selling this because I dont have the time anymore to fix it and dont want to take it all the way to Second Stroke to pay $guap$ for it to get fixed. I invested $300 into it to replace the items above, so please dont low ball me. Im just trying to get what I originally payed for it ($700).


Perfect set up to convert to 70cc


Again does not run! Has a full tank tho!


Posting this on craigslist NYC, Moped army, and here. It's not just spam.


Re: FS: General 5 Star (minarelli V1)

Brandon Weiss (Detective brandon to you) /

Where is this from? I hope it's not mike ciric's that was for sale awhile back, that thing was minty and had all the fenders n things

Re: FS: General 5 Star (minarelli V1)

derek cuellar /

No sir, not from Mike. I got it from a guy who fixes peds and is a good friend of a guy who used to work at second stroke.

Re: FS: General 5 Star (minarelli V1)

I’m more interested in who the third party friend from second stroke is, than the moped. I don’t recognize the bike so maybe it was before my time.

GLWS: nice looking V1 (edited)

Re: FS: General 5 Star (minarelli V1)

derek cuellar /


Re: FS: General 5 Star (minarelli V1)

derek cuellar /


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