Hobbit autista kit

Multiple posts a few years back about this kit. It's cast iron sleeves so all sorts of mischief can be accomplished in a freeze /heat method to pull sleeve and port the aluminum. Or just run the kit. Never run I have a spare set of rings and I'm sure I can find a con rod. For t ithis price go get your own needle bearing and yes u need gaskets . Kit sold for $50 I believe so if I mail it medium priority for $14 I need then $42 or local pickup in Davis /sac ca. I don't think I'm ever going to get to learn on this but if u have skill or want to develop them grab it.


Re: Hobbit autista kit

For reference, without porting this is about on par with a stock pa50ii cylinder. I had one on a pa50i with a trick6, pa50ii reeds and proma and it would do around 35.

Good luck with selling!

Re: Hobbit autista kit

Marc Friedman /

Exactly !!! It's for very special folks !!! Who those exactly are is unclear to me.

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