WTB - A3 Countershaft and cylinder

Junior Bacon Treez /

Rebuilding an A3 for a Silver Bullet and Need a few parts - Name your price and I'll let know if I can do it!

1) Countershaft with 1st and 2nd (a complete countershaft with everything would be awesome! since the whole thing is missing from the case)

2) internal drive chain (from pedal to countershaft)

3) cylinder (I have a cylinder that is in rough shape externally, looking for a better one)

I'll add stuff to the list as I figure out what's missing...

Re: WTB - A3 Countershaft and cylinder

I have an a3 cylinder, shoot me an offer.

Re: WTB - A3 Countershaft and cylinder

♣Slew Foot♣ /

I got everything in spades shoot me a reasonable offer I'm in PA the shipping should be cheap...

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