WTB: early A3 tomos parts

RED whiteBLUE /

Hi, recently acquired a 1980silver bullet that needs some parts to complete. Seems one of the previous owners took the moped apart, trying to fix it. The multiple forums here helped me greatly, and happy to report that it's running again. In any case, here is the list: - Left CEV light / horn switch - Left & Right steel side covers along with the foot boards - Under tank cable/wire trim cover - Black plastic round sprocket cover. If you can help, please get back to me via private message with your asking price shipped...Thanks

Re: WTB: early A3 tomos parts

Dan the mope Conway /

Good luck with the side covers... I’ve been looking for a set for as long as i’ve owned my Blue golden bullet. Obviously you need the switch, but the sprocket cover is kinda a pain sometimes, and an FYI you can’t use it if you run the special oil seal nut that keeps tranny fluid from getting all over your chain and tires etc.

Re: WTB: early A3 tomos parts

♣Slew Foot♣ /

Damn what are two vintage blue bullet side covers with the top rubbers go for I have a set of orange ones and a set of blue ones because the first thing I do when I get a frame is I put a good motor on it and the side covers don't fit anymore so I have piles of them

Re: WTB: early A3 tomos parts

Dan Danielson /

Hey Slew,

If you figure out a asking price, I’ll take those orange side covers off your hands. I’ve been looking for some of those for ages

Re: WTB: early A3 tomos parts

Slew, I bought a set at Moped Junkyard last year, $ 70.00 set. If that helps... BTW, they are metallic blue. (edited)

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