Fs: V1KS & V1e50cc $125each shipped

1)V1ks: kicks over looks good but would rebuilt if I personally ran it as it’s been on a shelf since who knows when. Pic of ks teeth all look good and clean. Cylinder head is chipped and an fin is holding on for dear life but prob will be in the box next to the engine when it arrives.

2)V1 e50 copy cat: school me with the model but this ones a wacky wild guy fo sho. No pedals or kick start, clutch engages like an e50 so your frame needs to have the pedals or be a bump boy (or girl). Spins over great, looks like you can eat off it inside and out. No ignition but stator mount is same as v1 points ignition so run that or a cold dude cdi.

$125 shipped just looking to clear up some storage and get some other engine off the ground if ya know what I mean


Re: Fs: V1KS & V1e50cc $125each shipped

Funny Fantic pics


Re: Fs: V1KS & V1e50cc $125each shipped

More funny v1 pics


Re: Fs: V1KS & V1e50cc $125each shipped

V1ks pics o and no ignition on this one and just a rando Cec flywheel 4 protection


Re: Fs: V1KS & V1e50cc $125each shipped

V1ks soldddd

Re: Fs: V1KS & V1e50cc $125each shipped

Dan (high idle) Conway /

......I wish I needed a v1 right now.... great dealzzzzz good luck with sale zach

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