1964 Motobecane AV88


This model is not particularly precious, but this one is in pretty good shape compared to others I have seen. It is missing a few of it's badges and definitely has been ridden regularly, but that just contributes to the overall patina. The main bonuses with this particular AV88 are the new tires, pedals, rebuilt bottom end, OG era Creature Peugeot lion buddy pegs and lightened variator and the only AV7 Gilardoni cylinder kit I have ever seen. I found it on French Ebay back in 2010 and have used it on every 60s era sleeper moby I have owned since. Because this kit was made back in the early 80s, no one will ever be able to tell you are running a kit. With the stock exhaust and SHA carb, it easily hits the low 40s but is sexy and quiet doing it :) I am a little sad to let this little cylinder go after 9 years of regular use, but it is time to pass this treasure on to another lover of all things Motobecane.

Asking: $800 - I can deliver this to the Puddle Cutter rally this weekend if needed.

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Re: 1964 Motobecane AV88


Re: 1964 Motobecane AV88

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Re: 1964 Motobecane AV88

Wow...beautiful, wish you were in MN, would buy this today! GLWS!

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