Spoked 16 inch rims

I have a set of spoked 16 inch wheels for sale. Make me an offer. I see them for sale on treats for over $100. I upgraded to actual rims.

Re: Spoked 16 inch rims

Pics would help.

Also, what they off of?

Re: Spoked 16 inch rims

Yo message me

Re: Spoked 16 inch rims

I believe they would be considered generic Italian wheels. They are off of a pacer. It should fit a lot of mopeds (with 16 inch wheels) but you might have to modify your rear sprocket if its not an Italian frame. I have a lot of assorted wheel bearings and axle hardware too. ill try to take pics in the daytime.

Re: Spoked 16 inch rims

Here are the pics


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