Putting out feelers for 3 maxis in St. Paul, MN

I participate in some strange sleep study and got paid a bunch of money for it. I spent it all on mopeds two months ago. Now I am moving, and I can’t take it all with me, so I have to get rid of it. Bummer I was working on two bikes, one for me and a friend, and had another part bike that I got for cheap. Wasn’t planning on the move, so now I’m having to sell an unfinished I would love to get rid of it all in one fell swoop. I’m not sure what’s reasonable for a price given the time/money spent on parts. Inviting your assessments. All three bikes are titled and registered through February 2020.

Shoot me a message if you’re interested.

Green Maxi:

- Fully assembled as of yesterday, but don’t have spark yet. Going to try hardwiring it today/tomorrow, but I might not have time

- Slightly rusty, but gas comes out clear

- ZA50

- 15 Bing - ($40)

- High flow air filter ($10)

- Boss Pipe ($60)

- New tires/tubes ($50)

- 70CC k-star kit ($50)

- High comp head

- New long seat ($40)

- M Bars ($25)

- New pedal/drive chains ($35)

- New cables ($30)

- New controls ($10)

Red Maxi

- Runs well, but needs some tuning

- 14 Bing

- High flow air filter ($10)

- Boss Pipe ($60)

- New pedal drive chains ($35)

Silver Maxi: basically just a roller

- Was running (poorly) when I got it, so I know the bottom end is good

- Tank is rusty and needs to be rinsed but is salvageable

- e50, no top end

- Spoke wheels in great condition

Miscellaneous parts:

- set of handle bars

- Gray side covers

- 3 air boxes

- One set of pretty serious saddlebag baskets for touring the country

* I can also sell you some other stuff that I am going to return to treats otherwise


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