Honda MB5 for Sale $900 OBO

Hi everyone, I’ve got a Honda MB5 for sale the Redwood City peninsula Bay Area, CA

Bought it incomplete and pieced it together,

Has redone tank,

Clean carbs,

Clean cylinder and piston,

New battery,

New master cylinder from treats, just needs to be soldered and installed

Buddy helped me go through this, only thing we didn’t check is the points.

Comes with pink slip, keys, box of spare parts and bill of sale


Re: Honda MB5 for Sale $900 OBO

Richard Eberline /

No points in a MB5, so what did you and your buddy go thru?

Re: Honda MB5 for Sale $900 OBO

Aww man. I was just down in Hayward.....

Re: Honda MB5 for Sale $900 OBO

We never went through the points or an equal component, we went through the list in my first post of main components, apparently it’s our first time working on the bike and we stopped short because I didn’t have a flywheel puller at the time and we thought that was the next step of checking, as it has compression but no spark.

You seem to know the bike inside and out do you know what the problem could be?

Re: Honda MB5 for Sale $900 OBO

Jimmy Cincinnati /

Could be many reasons why you dont have spark.

1) Bad CDI

2) Bad kill switch

3) lose wire / connection

4) Rust / corrosion on pick up


But he is right, all MB5's were CDI bikes.

Re: Honda MB5 for Sale $900 OBO

The back rear turn signal is loose and not connected so that could be one thing to eliminate. I also cut the old master cylinder in plans to swap for a new one so I forget if that has the starter on it

Re: Honda MB5 for Sale $900 OBO

I mean kill switch not starter

Re: Honda MB5 for Sale $900 OBO


Re: Honda MB5 for Sale $900 OBO

Patrick Kearney /

You still. selling this thing?

You are here in California, no?

Re: Honda MB5 for Sale $900 OBO

Hi, sorry but it sold a long time ago. I currently have a 1966 solex for sale and a CL175

Re: Honda MB5 for Sale $900 OBO

Hah! I bought this!

Re: Honda MB5 for Sale $900 OBO

looks like the gang's all here lol

ive seen you guys around in the mb5 fb group

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