sachs g3 parts wanted

looking for a mint flywheel cover and also one of the large flathead screws that holds the side fairings on. also a right side handle grip. (edited)

Re: sachs g3 parts wanted

♣Slew Foot♣ /

Well I can help you with the hardware it is the exact same as Ludwig drum Hardware so if you find an old drum set they'll fit it I think it's an M7 thread grips.

The grips are easy you can get those by the pair from treats but I'll give you the skinny on how to install am right first thing you do you should get some boiling water you put the grips in the boiling water also if you have one that's stuck on there put the bars in the boiling water and then you should be able to work them off but when you're installing them one of the oldest motorcycle tricks is to use hairspray it will hold the grip so they don't twist for decades the trick is is getting them in place before it sets yeah I do have the flywheel cover so p.m. me give me a reasonable price it's yours

Re: sachs g3 parts wanted

thanks for the tip! pmd u

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