Puch motor tools

Ya these are doubles I have.

All in good working order. Two of which have never been used. The clutch/mainshaft holder was made by Blaine The artist formally known as Plumbercrack. Open to offers for all or individually.


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Re: Puch motor tools


Puller # 905. is gone to Mr. Ken Roff, thank you Ken.


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price for the 2 piece clutch tools? i could use them.

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> ID OD Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> price for the 2 piece clutch tools? i could use them.

Is $50 shipped fair?

On my way to post office now to ship out tool to Ken. Lemme know asap and could ship today. (edited)

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Flywheel puller and clutch/mainshaft tools still available.

Ken, your puller is on the way now.


Re: Puch motor tools

***Kim Jong illest*** /

I'll take those za tools

Re: Puch motor tools

These two items are still available.

Paypal only thank you.


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O.E.M. Puch e50 & za50 flywheel puller + Blaine made clutch/main gear holder $50 shipped in U.S.A.


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$45 shipped for both

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Going, going.......

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Rob Abbott /

PM. Funds sent. Pleasure doing business with you Mr E.

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They are Gandhi!

Sold to Mr. Rob Abbott!

Will post tracking info soon.

Thank you Rob


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