Wanted: ‘77 Sparta Foxi GT Seat

If anyone has a spare ‘77 Sparta Foxi GT seat available I would be interested in buying it. Thanks!

Re: Wanted: ‘77 Sparta Foxi GT Seat

Ha, funny. That pic of a Foxi you posted happens to be a bike we reconditioned some years back and it also just happens to be here in the shop getting a kit put on it along with a G3 exhaust adapted to the left hand side. The problem with the Foxi's (and there is not a lot to complain about) is they are a 25 mph bike and their small stock pipe and bracket is located on the right hand side of the moped where the majority of Sachs powered bikes have a left side exhaust. If you want to go over 25 mph that pipe has to upgraded to something that can actually breath.

Email me direct at: don@sundaymorningmotors.com and I will email you some pictures of the seat mount. Dont know how much it will help though, there is a lot going on under there and it may be a bit difficult to get a good perspective as to how everything connects.

link to Foxi

Re: Wanted: ‘77 Sparta Foxi GT Seat

Ha, small internet! Thanks for all of this info; really helpful and I will give that upgrade some thought.

Re: Wanted: ‘77 Sparta Foxi GT Seat

Also, If someone has a spare one of these seats lying around or knows of a drop in solution I am very interested in getting in contact.

Re: Wanted: ‘77 Sparta Foxi GT Seat

I found a photo of the back logo on this seat; for ID purposes.


Re: Wanted: ‘77 Sparta Foxi GT Seat


Just a seat? Sure you don't want an entire moped? I'm the second owner of a pair (husband/wife) 1977 Sparta Foxi GT Sports. They were stored on couples 56' yacht on lake Michigan until 2011 when brought to Florida. Both are 100% original down to every nut and bolt. I'm keeping one and selling other. I haven't touched the one I'm selling ... but you can see the seat is PERFECT.

Re: Wanted: ‘77 Sparta Foxi GT Seat

Looks amazing! Sadly I don’t have room for more than one.

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