Re: FS - Custom SHA Slides

Restocked, already sold 3, I have 9 left. I will be going to Mopitt's Yinz Fest if you wanna skip the shipping. Thanks!

> Full Tuck Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> Some Light sanding was required when installing mine.


> I have a stock 12mm intake+sha Morini. Idles smoother at a much lower

> rpm. Low-mid acceleration is also smother and less boggy when opening up

> the throttle. Would buy more/again.

Thank you so much for posting your results. Apologies for having to sand it to fit. I got way better at cleaning these up the second time around and make sure each one fits before sending them out.

Re: FS - Custom SHA Slides

So stoked to throw one of these in

Re: FS - Custom SHA Slides

Still got some left!

Re: FS - Custom SHA Slides

Ok, I finally got around to installing mine.

This was on a stock 14.12 with number 2 slide on a stock Garelli LTD w/noi motor. Prior, I had upjeted this thing to a 60 main and still running stock screen and airbox. Four strokes with a 62 on top end. My idle and off idle rpms was "mushy" and too rich. The warmer the engine gets the worse it becomes, to the point of taking more than one kick on a hot motor to start.

Well this slide fixed 95% of all that. It idles much better with a crisper response. I had to back the idle adjustment screw out about 4 or 5 whole turns. It starts one kick when hot now. If you're running big main jets you're an idiot if you dont grab one of these. I need another for a 15.15. I would like to try some different variations of this. Please make more.(edited)

Re: FS - Custom SHA Slides

yup, its official these things rule! Set one up on a customer's Puch Maxi with a 14:14 click choke sha and bi-turbo and WOWWWWWW is it night and day from any of the other slides I was trying.

any ideas for other slides?? I'd buy whatever them

Re: FS - Custom SHA Slides

These work really well! Installed it last night and was able to back my idle screw way off. After riding around a few blocks I Probably could use a small down jet! Very happy with this product. I’ll give feedback in a few months on overall condition of the material and see how it holds up.

I think I got one from the first batch and I needed to do some light sanding to the back and a little on the sides.

Thanks Brenden

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